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Lopaz & Li

About Us

Lopaz & Li began operating in 2000 as a boutique company serving private customers and specializing in aluminum and prestigious quality shading solutions for all kinds of spaces.

The company provides aluminum services, shading solutions, pergolas, shading shutters, wooden windows, aluminum integrated wooden windows and minimal windows.
All company products are imported from Europe – Belgium, Germany, Poland, Italy and Switzerland.
Lopaz & Li products and works can be seen at luxury homes nationwide.
We provide innovative, quality shading solutions at the highest standard available on the market to improve customer lifestyles and homes at a premium quality combined with a sophisticated design tailored to the customer.

Our professional service, along with our customized consulting, will enable you to complete an informed acquisition suited specifically to your needs.
Our consultants will plan aluminum and shading solutions, protecting you against weather hazards and providing you privacy and security. We guarantee perfect light penetration to create the atmosphere that you desire.
We do not settle on quality and uniqueness and we will provide a solution for every situation and every project.

In order to be the best in the aluminum and shading solution industry, we act upon the following tenets:

  • World leading brands providing prestigious and user-friendly products of uncompromising quality.
  • Courteous, personal and professional service, availability to answer all questions and fulfill all requests – enabling you to make your dream a reality.
  • Unique and dedicated attention to each project.
  • Innovation and creativity – Your dreams are our challenges.

Experience and Warranty

Our company was involved in hundreds of complex projects. We have gained experience evident in meticulous planning and execution. We are fully confident in the products and executions, thus we offer a long-term warranty and will continue to accompany you even years after the work is done.

Working with Designers

Architects and interior designers constantly seek exceptional and innovative solutions – we understand their creative need.
As a company that aims to be first in its field, we stay up to date on all industry trends and attend the world’s largest exhibitions on aluminum and shading solutions.
When turning to us, architects seeking solutions for their clients will discover a professional and reliable partner, familiar with the current trends, the advantages and disadvantages of each product, the price range offered by each manufacturer and importer and the best available solutions.
Our company helps architects transform natural and artificial light into a powerful and multipurpose tool, helping them devise the interior and exterior design.


We undertake to offer the best value for the price. Our products are manufactured and imported from abroad at the highest standard and they are intended for customers who know how to appreciate quality over the years.

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